Crashing on Export

Without provocation, Scrivener refuses to export, creating such a hissy fit that it crashes.

When trying to export files, Scrivener refuses to respond when I use the Browse button to select the export folder, and after a few moments disappears from the screen altogether. It may be a problem with the local install, since it doesn’t seem to happen when opening a backup of the project with the copy of Scrivener I have installed on my USB thumb drive. I’ll try reinstalling tonight.

Did you have any luck with the reinstall? This sounds like a system-related issue, so if the problem persists after a reboot and a reinstallation, I’d try switching off other programs you’re running to see if there’s a conflict there. Testing Scrivener’s export while in Safe Mode is a quick way to check whether it works without extra interference. If it’s fine there, you can use msconfig to disable your startup items and then start turning them on in batches until you find what’s interfering. Anything that plugs into or extends the file browser seems a good place to start.