Crashing on launch after syncing for a few days

I can also report that the app crashed on launch the first time I updated to it. I then deleted and reinstalled the app, relinked to Dropbox and got some days out of it. Just now it started doing it again, causing me to have to totally reinstall it again.

Do you receive crash logs for your app? I hope it doesn’t just keep breaking like this repeatedly, or that you can discover the issue. To clarify, I’m using latest iOS 17 and are linked to a project in a custom Dropbox sync folder.

So a good first troubleshooting step involving crashes, if you are a Dropbox user, is to clear the Dropbox cache. If that doesn’t work, I’d also try turning off Dropbox for a spell and seeing if it goes away, managing transfers like a non-Dropbox user would.

I’ve already reinstalled the app twice and synced fresh from Dropbox. It’s the new version that is crashing upon first launch of the app (barely appears then poof, gone). As a software developer myself, if I release a new version of my software and it starts crashing for users where the old version never did, that’s on me to fix.

If of any help, I’m not seeing any crashing of Scrivener iOS on either iPhone or iPad

iOS Version 17.0.2 with 181 gb of 256 gb used on device (iPhone).
Scrivener Version 1.2.4
Dropbox Version 348.3.2 with 38% of account (2 TB) used

Just now Apple invited me to update iOS to 17.0.3. Perhaps this Apple upgrade fixes some people’s issues? Dunno. I’ll upgrade later today.

Yeah, it’s pretty clear this isn’t a widespread problem. I can’t even imagine how overrun the forum would be if everyone devolved into a crash-on-launch that uses Dropbox, after a few days.

I don’t quite understand the push-back against running the diagnostic steps suggested though. Hopefully someone else experiencing these symptoms can provide a little more information in the future.

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@nickjbedford As a developer, you should be aware that if a problem occurs for you and almost no-one else ever, that it’s ‘on you’ to find out what’s going wrong in your wider system, no?

I should go through @AmberV 's procedures to clear Dropbox of potential faults – not just ‘syncing fresh’.

As a user, if an update causes my app to now crash on the launch screen, then I completely reinstall it twice to restore its function, when it had worked for many years perfectly well, I would expect that I am indeed not the cause of the issue and that, as a developer, I would try to see if there is a crash log to be retrieved. How do I know as a user that I’m only one of few with the issue? When I receive bug reports from users, I promptly try to seek a solution.

Am I not correct to think that completely deleting and reinstalling would also have the effect of Clearing the Dropbox cache? Or is that stored outside the app’s storage somehow (in a group application state).

I haven’t used iOS Scrivener for a few days so I’m yet to see if the second reinstall and relink to Dropbox has had the desired effect but I’ll update this thread once I have some more data.

Yes, that’s what we’re doing here.

Since you indicated that the problem returns after a few days, the test I suggested would help determine whether or not caching itself is the problem. Doing a scorched earth re-installation surely would also clear the cache, but that’s not much of a diagnostic test because that would in most cases clear most possible causes for a crash that starts after a bit of use. It doesn’t narrow down the problem. It tells us nothing about what might be going on. All it does it make it so you can use the program for another day or two.

The secondary part of the test would check to see whether sync in a more general way is related to the problem, if the cache does not seem to be the trigger.

As for sending a crash log, here are Apple’s instructions. They are sometimes mildly useful, but we don’t often ask for them on iOS as they haven’t proven to be a very good diagnostic tool—particularly if there is no reproduction checklist provided with them, and that’s the part we’re trying to establish here.