Crashing/Spinning wheel on all projects even blank templates

I’m running:
MacOX 14.3.1 on a 2020 MacAir M1
Scrivener v 3.3.6

Any suggestions on how to solve a continuing spinning wheel of death issue. It started happening infrequently with a medium sized project (500,000 words of text, no images, maybe 70 folders in the binder). And then was happening with a smaller project (200K words, no text, 30 folders) and in all cases it would happen randomly, just during normal use of navigating text.

Now I can’t open a project and use it for more than a minute before the wheel kicks in. I Force Quit the app and tried to open a blank template and as soon as I try to navigate the binder it goes right into it.

All files are stored locally.

Could be your antivirus doing that.
Whitelist Scrivener in its options.

I don’t have any anti-virus software running on the machine.

What else is running on the system?

I’ve been recreating this problem over and over with only Finder and Scrivener running after a fresh restart and a fresh shut down/reboot.

Please reset Scrivener’s Preferences file, as explained here:

ok thanks. I’ll try this and report back if that doesn’t do the trick.