creat new project not working

Keith and Jaysen,
I wrote you guys in the beginning of the month and Keith replied, giving me the link to this and another discussion. Believe it or not, I’ve had no time until now to look at this … and I’m not a frequent Mac user, so most of what you’ve posted here is just Greek to me. Can you help?

FWIW I am not part of L&L. Just a person who provides a little bit of help when I can.

That said, a bit more information about the exact problem would be very helpful (I have not seen what you send to KB).

Sorry – failed to explain that I get the same error message as the person who started this discussion. I cannot open a new project. There are no administrative restrictions on this computer, as far as I know.

Have you by any chance recently migrated data to a new computer?

Keith, The Mac belongs to my daughter and I borrowed it specifically to try Scrivener (which sounds really great to me). I don’t use it otherwise, atm, and am usually a Windows user.

Strange. In the New Project dialogue box, have you tried clicking on “Choose…” to change the default save path? Try changing it to the desktop to see if you can save there.
Thanks and all the best,

I just tried it and it worked. :slight_smile: (I saw above that that also worked for someone else and I should’ve tried it. Thanks for prompting me and thanks for the help. Hopefully I can just explore and use it now. ) J


Glad you got it working! Following this thread, I have made a change in the next update so that it checks the validity of the default path and changes it to one that works if it’s broken, which should fix this issue for users in future.

Thanks and all the best,