Create a list of figures and Tables - With page numbers


Does anyone know of a way to create a list of figures and tables which includes the page numbers? The goal is to get it looking like a table of contents but for figures and tables.

I would like to do this, too!
Any advice on how?
ISSYD, did you figure it out?

Same issue here. Does the lack of responses mean that it’s not possible?

Scrivener is notoriously BAD at creating and maintaining tables. It’s initial design was just not for that sort of thing. It’s not an Excel Spreadsheet, after all. I have tables (like 300 or so) in one of my projects and let me tell you, it bogs down Scrivener HARDCORE. It takes forever to load, it is difficult to scroll, use, format and implement other aspects of the program while using the tables and longer than forever to save/backup. My suggestion, avoid my frustration all together and use/learn Excel instead. You’ll definitely thank me later. Trust me.

Scrivener + LaTeX anyone ?

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Thanks for the response NamoNakiMichi, but I wasn’t asking about inserting tables or figures - I simply want to place something called “figure title” or “figure caption” or “table title” etc. into the doc and then have its numbering and positioning calculated by the software and then put into a list similar to a ToC. I have a klugey solution that does the ToC bit, but it’s the numbering and renumbering that’s numbing.