Create a smart collection using labels

I am stumped. In Corkboard view, I can organize by label, but what I want to do is view all labels (ARCs, in this case) in Scrivenings. I’m told that I can create a smart collection based on labels, but I cant’ find a way to search on labels. Does anyone have suggestions on how to handle this?

Okay, I’ve found the pulldown that allows me to create a collection, but it’s not “smart” and I’ll have to add new scenes to it as I got, but it’s better than nothing.

You’re almost in the right place! The pulldown menu you are looking for is the one found in the search bar though. If you click the magnifying glass to the left of what you’re looking for, at the bottom of that is a command to save the settings and search phrase as a saved search collection.

So if you haven’t seen that menu before, you can probably see how you can make your search better, as well. For example you can set it so it only looks in the “Label”, to weed out cases where the label word is used normally. You can also have it exclude items that have been trashed, or items not meant to compile, etc.

Since you’re looking to view your search result as a Scrivenings session, what you want to do after saving the collection, is click the hook arrow button in the sidebar header. This will load the collection itself into the main editor, and you now you have something more like a “folder” that you can change the view mode for, even organise and add things (in regular collections of course).

Read more about collections in §10.2 of the user manual PDF. Search collections are addressed in §10.2.4, Saved Search Result Collections, pg. 228.