Create bibliography in Scrivener 3?

I have Scrivener 3 on macOS. Adding citations is easy enough and puts the footnote where you want, but…I also need a bibliography. How do I add a bibliography? I’ve seen references to using an outside program…is that the only way?
Thanks, Bonnie Samuel

Create a document (probably in Back Matter) and write the bibliography there.

If you use a citation manager like BookEnds for adding footnotes it will automatically add a bibliography of all cited works if requested. Formatting of citations and bibliography is highly customizable and supports all standard formats like Chicago, APA, MLA, and a host of others used in various journals.

BookEnds works seamlessly with Scrivener and is popular with Scrivener users who need citation managers.

I don’t work for BookEnds but am a satisfied customer.

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As, yes, that will work! Thanks