Create Customized Note Style

I know this is a dumb question, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to create a customized default note style that will appear each time I add a new note onto a document. PLEASE HELP. Thanks much.

There’s a tab for “New Notes” that sets the defaults in Scapple > Preferences (or File > Options, if you’re on Windows as your profile suggests). New stacked notes and new connected notes will automatically use the style of the origin note.

True, but choice of typeface (as opposed to size and style such as italic, bold, and shadow) seems to be unavailable throughout Scapple. The default font, which I assume is Helvetica, looks a bit jagged on every Mac I have and is enough to turn me away from Scapple whenever I launch it. If free choice of typeface is impractical, I’d like at least a couple of other choices available in Preferences.

The default font family to use is specified in the “Document” tab of the Inspector. You can choose from any font on the system, and once you find one you’re happy with, you can click the Set as Defaults button to use that in future documents.

Oh, I see. Thank you!

You’re welcome! It’s weird that Helvetica looks bad on your system though, that’s one of the somewhat default fonts on a Mac, that’s why we use it.

It seemed a waste to start a whole new topic for this: is there a way (that I am not seeing) to define a border and background for the Default Note Style?

The “New Notes” preference tab has all of the defaults for new notes. You might also want to set up how new shapes look, in the following tab.