Create group selects first child not new parent

This might very well be something out of your control, and it is extremely minor. I noticed that if I select a group of documents and group them, typing out a name for the group, the Inspector and Editor switch focus to the first child in the new group. This switches from the previous multiple selection mode. If one isn’t looking closely, the change in appearance implies that everything is now focussed on the new group, and not the first child (which is hidden at this point). I noticed this behaviour oddity after making several groups and then realising my changes in the Inspector had applied to the children and not the groups. The thing that makes this minor is that once you press return to confirm the name, the selection updates to the correct Binder item. It only happens while the name editing field is still active.

  1. Select two or more documents
  2. Press Cmd-Opt-G to group them
  3. Type in a name
  4. Before pressing return, note editor/inspector selection state.
  5. Press return. Application now updates to what is visible in the Binder.

I suppose the primary oddity in this behaviour is that Scrivener changes from multiple selection mode to single selection mode—but not upon the item which was just created.

Actually you get an Edit Scrivenings session… D’oh! It’s because when you select a group, if the Option key is pressed you get an Edit Scrivenings session. But in this case, the Option key is part of the Group shortcut (thus, if you use the menu item, it works as expected), so it mixes things up. Obviously I need to check for this.
Thanks for pointing this out!

Ah, I didn’t even notice that because I was testing with empty documents! Well that makes for an easy way to quickly Edit Scrivenings on the entire draft, if it is still located at the top of the Binder: Option-Up not only selects the top outline item, but enables Edit Scrivenings. Neat.

And of course, Option-Left to edit the current group of siblings.

Though I’m disabling that behaviour right now… It should only be an Opt-click, because otherwise it can interfere with any keyboard shortcuts that use the Option key.

Sigh. Well then until 1.2 I shall enjoy it. :slight_smile: