Created Bulleted List in iOS?

This is a really simple question. There is a bulleted list option in Scrivener for iOS, somewhere at the bottom of the screen ostensibly … but I can’t find it. Any help appreciated. Just looking for the most basic thing, I’m typing, now I wanted to make a bulleted list. Easy on a Mac, not as much so on iOS.

If you could point it out on the screenshot I would appreciate it, or if it’s somewhere else let me know where.


PS: No screenshot. It is a simple screen cap on my iOS, cropped. But when I try to attach it IMG_0050.PNG it errors (type JPG but name PNG). This is default iOS stuff, very confused by that as well lol.


Are you on the iPhone or iPad?

If on the iPad, tap the paintbrush icon in the navigation bar. In the “Style” tab, scroll down to “Lists” and choose either “Bulleted List” or “Numbered List”.

If on the iPhone, the paintbrush icon is contained in the extended keyboard row (the row of buttons that appears above the keyboard in Scrivener). You can swipe across in the keyboard row to access three sets of different buttons.

On either the iPhone or iPad, you can tap and hold on a button in the extended keyboard row to change the button for something else. In this way you could add a bullets button to the row without having to go through the formatting options.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Yes, just what I needed, many thanks!! -billb