Creates Conflict files when there are no conflicts

I’ve posted this elsewhere, but I think I’m gonna post it here as it seems fitting:

I have to complain that I too am very, very much frustrated in the way Scrivener for iOS syncs. As I expected Keith, this WILL be your number one issue. Beware, the ides of march, of synching…

It constantly creates conflict files when there are no conflicts. Very messy. When I save from Scrivener desktop, it makes the changes to the file in the dropbox folder. (dropbox/apps/scrivener). But when I open the same file in Scrivener for iOS, it says that there are conflicts (even when there are none), and that it’s going to create a conflict folder. I now have three conflict folders even when there are no conflicts. The same is true when I edit the file in Scrivener iOS. I edit the file, save it to dropbox, but then when I open the same file on my desktop, it says that there are conflicts and that it will again create conflict files. All these conflict files are adding up and it’s making the whole process very, very messy.

I believe this should be your number one priority, Keith, as if people can’t reliably save properly their work, they simply will not use your app and demand a refund (something that I’m debating about right now).

As posted in one of the previous threads, where you posed this exact same, Yosimiti, have you worked through the tutorial?

Are you trying to work with the project open on both devices, making changes before synching has finished on either device.

Keith has already responded with questions/suggestions to this on one of the other threads.

Can you explain EXACTLY what you are doing to get the conflicts?

I have tried actively to create conflicts but haven’t succeeded yet. So how on earth do you manage to do it?? A step by step instruction, please?

I got that mostly with the phone. I got yet to turn on the actual MacBook. Otherwise it is flawless