Creating a custom verse text box

Hi AmberV,

A piece of feedback from my most recent editing after having employed a user-defined Style using LaTeX for creating a simple block of offset text. I’ve named the latest incarnation for this Scrivener Style: Verse Text-Box. This user-defined Style creates an offset block of text, highlighted with a thin blue line, top and bottom. e.g.:

Using the following LaTeX (Memoir Book) > Styles > Prefix (apologies for the strike-throughs??)[1]:

\vspace{-1.5mm}\par ~~{\color{ElectricUltramarine}{\hrulefill}}~\par\vspace{-0.5mm} % Top

and LaTeX (Memoir Book) > Styles > Suffix:

\vspace{-3mm}\par ~~{\color{mediumblue}\hrulefill}~\par\vspace{+0.5mm} % Bottom

Having been enlightened on the full utility of the Edit > Find > Find by Formatting... I am fully onboard, not only with Scrivener Style’s utility, but the full implementation that allows for a fast search for even the self-defined Styles that I’ve dreamed up.

This feature saves Ssssooo much time for those of us who cannot sit still and just have to go create something, and find ourselves with a plethora of self-inflicted Styles that then all need to be edited.

Thank you Scrivener,

[1] I don’t know how the strike-through lines are generated, but the lines don’t exist in my code.

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