Creating a new bibliographic style in Endnote

I am hoping that someone here will be very kind to me and help me with my problem- the reference style the Open University demands is different to any of those included in Endnote. I know that it is possible to create a new reference style, but having tried it, I have no idea what I am doing. I am a complete dunce when it comes to things like this. If I provide the OU guidelines, is there someone willing to be very generous and help me out please?

Thanks guys,


The Open University page on reference style seems clear:

As explained there, OU style is a variant of Harvard University style.
To load that style, go to Edit: Output Styles: New Style…
You may choose a new style by name or within a field of study.
The only Harvard style I saw is marked Science.
If that’s not suitable, select your field of study and see what’s available.
To edit a style, move elements into the desired order and change font as needed.
For example, you may change Title from underline to italics

The OU inline citations are so basic that you only need type in (Blount, 2007) while drafting.
To create a reference list at the end, select all that you want, Cmd-K, and paste.

The connection files let you search online library catalogs and copy references.
No need to type entries manually.

For more help, see the excellent EndNote Help file, or post queries at the EndNote forum. … -p/endnote

You can also download additional (& updated) output styles from the EndNote website. Try searching for Open University, OU or Harvard and see what comes up.

If OU is a variant of Harvard, then rather than creating a whole new style, it is much easier and simpler to change an existing style and save it with a new name from within EndNote. Their help file gives good instructions for that.

Thanks so much guys! The trouble with the OU style is that it isn’t standard, and even varies slightly by course. I hadn’t thought of editing an existing style, which seems like a really good idea. I will check the help file for advice on that. I did check the website for alternate styles and found one that looked promising, but couldn’t manage to import it into the programme. I thought I followed the instructions ok, but I must have gone wrong somewhere, I guess. :frowning:

Thanks for the advice- very much appreciated :slight_smile: