Creating a QR-code of an URL in the margin

In my continuous search through the various packages that LaTeX supports, I stumbled upon a package that I’m hoping to research further: Creating a QR-code of an URL in the margin.

Although it has been almost a half-year since I last ventured into my Byzantine Scrivener-LaTeX package that I’ve been ‘writing’ for the last four years, and I throughly recognise the very limited subset of non-fiction that my document occupies, but this QR-code feature caught my eye.

I thought for a moment on how to categorize this entry on the Scrivener website, but settled on the notion that others might be interested in the QR-code feature as part of a generic supplement for a non-LaTeX Scrivener document. Particularly in light of the ‘Scrivener-lite’ app currently under development, and the ‘Wish-list’ thought that including such a feature in the new app might just be possible, but only if other non-LaTeX Scrivener writers expressed an interest in such a feature.

In so many ways, I am a sloth, as a thinker, writer, and human being. Like the Sloth who I understand has limited access to energy via it’s consumption of the toxin-laced vegetation that is their primary food source, but even this sloth can become intrigued at certain points of time or events, such as the appearance of a vehicle to facilitate our collective data entry in the form of a URL, a device that itself can be particularly annoying despite the access it provides to enormous sources of data.

So my endless apologies for the distraction this post might provide, and I will close with a teaser of the first page from the LaTeX package: Creating a QR-code of an URL in the margin as a possible source of inspiration for those non-LaTeX Scrivener writers who might find such a vehicle an attractive option for those who dream of brighter days.

Apologies to the Scrivener purists who see no need for such a vehicle.


For those non-LaTeX Scrivener Mac writers who would like to create a QR code for any web page to be pasted into their document (before it may become available in the Scrivener-light) there is an excellent video of how to create a MacOS Shortcut to capture the URL and create the QR codes for the web page that is open in Safari at Building a Mac Shortcut To Easily Generate QR Codes.

(Apologies for the run-on sentence.)

The following is an example of the QR code I created and pasted herein using the MacOS shortcut outlined in the video: