Creating a quote on a page by itself

I am writing a manuscript on MacOS. At the beginning, I want a quote to show up alone on a single page directly after the Title page and before ‘Chapter One’ page. Can’t for the life of me figure out how I did it before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Give it a section type, create a section layout with Separators = page break, and assign the layout to the section type.

page numbers

I have already given it a section type ‘Verse’, but I am not understanding your second part of the reply. Separators = page break? Assign the layout to the section type?

You should watch the Literature & Latte tutorial videos on Compile. Until you do, here’s a video of my own:

page breaks

and here’s an overview:

Compile Overview

Thanks for pointing me to the videos on Compiling. I solved my problem. But there is one more ridiculous issue. The first word of the first paragraph of the book won’t indent. It is indented in the Editor (Text Editor?), not sure of the term but it’s where I’m writing, but it does not indent as a regular paragraph in the PDF version.
very frustrating.

It is a common typesetting convention to suppress the first-line indent for the first paragraph in any section, and often after any subheading or other element that breaks the flow of paragraphs, like a block quote. Most of Scrivener’s default compile formats follow this tradition.

You can switch it off on a per-Layout basis in the Settings tab of the Section Layouts compile format pane.

After I wrote this post, I realized that it was happening at the beginning of every paragraph at the beginning of chapters. I never knew that. Thank you so much for the help.