Creating a Research Folder

I like the Research Folder in the Novel Template – handy for all kinds of things. However, I don’t like having to get rid of all the other stuff that is useful for a novel but not so useful for other projects. So I usually use the Blank Template.

However, now, I have a project based of Blank, which does not have a Research Folder, and I need one.

I can create a Folder, and call it Research, obviously. But I don’t think I can import web pages and PDFs into it.

Is there a way to turn an ordinary folder into a Research Folder?

Just create a folder outside of your Draft folder (or whatever you call your main folder, the one you compile from), and call it Research.

I find it really odd that you don’t get a Research folder when you create a file from the Blank template. I get one–I was even under the impression that all projects had 3 special, top-level folders: The oft-renamed “Draft” folder, the Research folder, and Trash.

Is it possible you just renamed the Research folder at some point, and it’s still there somewhere? I’m pretty sure you can’t delete it outright. I even tried to move my Research folder into another top-level folder that I created, and it refused to be relocated, though I could move it up or down in the binder.

It’s true; I’m INVINCIBLE! :smiley:


It appears that Research is one of the folders which disappeared when I had that cataclysm with disappearing stuff.

Because you’re correct. When I create a new project using Blank, there IS a Research folder in it. I have copied one from the new project to the current one.

We’ll see if it works…

I was going to say, if you create a new project, does it not create a Research folder, and if it does, why not just drag all your contents from the old, Research-less project into the new one and proceed from there?


Mr X

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Yikes! I recommend that you create a new project and import the old one by going to File->Import->Scrivener Project. I think that’s supposed to work with corrupted projects, so it might recover any missing files that used to be in your research folder.

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Oh, great…

So, create a new Scrivener project. Then Import the other one to it.

You figure the current one is corrupted, and safer not to continue using it?

But won’t importing it whole hog import whatever caused the index to blow up?

I still don’t know why, for instance, using Ctrl+Shift+J allows me to import files, but using FILE => Import => Files invokes an attempt on the part of my computer to install Office 2010. (I suspect it has to do with the fact that I have dozens of files which are in Word 6 which Scrivener no longer supports as a viable format, and it’s somehow looking for a converter and invokes, not the installed Office XP, but the Office 2010 trial which came with this computer, even though I told them I didn’t want it.

Addendum: created new project and did import. No files recovered. I have to recreate everything from scratch.

Typically what gets corrupted is the .scrivx file that keeps track of all the individual files that makes up the project. The import is supposed to do grab all the files, even if they’re not part of the original .scrivx file, and add them to the new project. But yes, working with a corrupted project risks losing track of your writing again, and may be carrying along with it some files that you just can’t see in the binder.

I’d contact the support email (from the main website), and work with the Lit & Lat team directly. Someone there will know the internals of projects well enough to help find the missing files and get you a complete and whole project to work from.

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