Creating Box Set from other projects

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I have 5 novels in different projects, and now I want to create a box set with all of them. I decided to create one new project and import the files. How can I do that?

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So by a “Box Set”, I’m assuming you want to create one large volume, likely a digital one. I can’t think of any other meaning that would involve Scrivener, so based on that assumption…

If you just want to import the novels, and not the research and other support folders, then I’d just open the new project and one of the old projects with your completed novel in it. Select everything in the draft and drag it to the binder of the new project.

Before you start doing that though, you may want to set up folders named “Book 1”, “Book 2” and so-forth (or better yet, use the titles of each book) in the new project’s draft folder, so that you can drag each book’s contents into the appropriate sub-folder of the new project’s Draft folder.

Then you might start with the compile preset “Paperback Novel (with Parts)” and then tweak the compiler’s “Formatting” settings that output “PART ONE” so that it instead puts “Book One: [book title from the folder named for it here]” or similar.

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Your advice is very helpful. Now, the next step is compile. I will ask help if I need it to create the index. By the way, box set is a large volume with several books. In my case for digital and print version.

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Here I am

I would like to create an index with the 5 books. Above of each, the big folders who contain the chapters.
Samantha, Pasión
Samantha, Pasión Libro 1
Samantha, Pasión Libro 2
Samantha, Pasión Libro 3

How can I do that? Please see the attachments.

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-15 a las 12.11.17.png