creating columns


New to Scrivener and I am writing yet another cookbook that is very targeted to outdoor camping. Partly a how to and then recipes that reflect using the methods.

I started to write in MSWord 2016 and then discovered Scrivener. My recipes have a very specific format,. I use two columns, one for ingredients and the other for instructions and I insert text boxes for tips, and insert pictures. THese columns are constantly changing in length I have a template set up in Word that I use for each recipes, since the format is different that the rest of the book

I haven’t seen a way to create columns other that using Tables. Maybe I just need to try some more things, but haven’t found it yet. I am a very experienced Word use, and have used other WP packages in the past. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it will be truely appreciated

Scrivener is not at all intended for doing layout, it is for structuring the background material (Research) and the text itself. If you mainly work with the layout of the text and that is important for your writing, then maybe Word is better for you.

Scrivener supports very basic column layouts when using one of the word processing based outputs (RTF, DOCX, etc.), in the Layouts compile option pane.

I think however in this case what lunk said is correct in terms of application to your design. Our feature is made more for legal, academic use and in the sciences, where a document might be in multiple columns but have a single column abstract and cover page to start—not something where you can freely switch from one layout to another as you work.

This poor execution of design is very disappointing to me. I love Scriviner, and have spent good money on it. And it helped me finish my book! But now that I am getting close to publishing, I find it overly complicated, and missing obvious simple features like columns and design functions for print… smh. It makes no sense.