Creating connection label blocks movement of notes via mouse


I am evaluating Scapple on Mac OS as a tool to create mind maps for writing fiction and tracking ttrpg campaigns. One of the critical feature for me is usage of connection labels (i’ve been using Draw IO and Visio on Windows so far).

In the beta I installed, when I create connection label between two notes, every note on the canvas suddently cannot be moved anymore with mouse. All are stuck in place and the only way to move notes is via keyboard arrow keys when I go in Movevement Mode. If I delete every single connection label, then I can freely arrange the notes via mouse.

This is no-go, as moving notes this way takes eons, especially during brainstorming sessions. I hope this is something that can be resolved.


OS is Mac OS Sonomva 14.2.1 (23C71) on Mac Mini M1

  1. Create a new blank project…
  2. Create two notes
  3. Create connection label
  4. Try to move notes with mouse

Expected behaviour

Notes should be moved freely around the board via mouse drag & drop.

Actual behaviour

Notes no longer can be moved by mouse - only via keyboard when dashboard is set in Movement Mode.

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I can reproduce that on an M2Pro Mac Mini, running 14.2.1 on both Scapple 1.4.2 and the beta.

I can’t say more than that, because I’ve not used connection labels in the past, but I’d consider it a bug. Hopefully, one of the team will come by and comment.


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Thanks for the report! I’ve got it filed, along with other drag and drop events that seem broken by this.

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