Creating Google Calendar Webage in Scrivener

I would like to have a Google Calendar webpage in my binder for creating timelines. When I create the webpage from my google calendar page, the page that gets created is the login for google calendar, and when I try to log in, I am taken to Safari, where I get a 405 error.

Further testing reveals that when I try to create a test page for this forum, it also shows up as a login page, and not the actual forum page. When I login, it takes me to safari (no 405 error), but the page in scrivener stays the log in page.

Any thoughts about what I’m doing wrong? I’m totally stumped. Is what I’m trying to do (create a persistent, live link to a web page in scrivener…) not possible? Writings I have read in the web suggest that it is… :question:

It’s not possible to create a persistent live link to a page that requires a login. No matter what you tell Scrivener, the destination server will redirect you to its login page.


So helpful! Thank you! I will stop trying.

Now: does anybody know of any free online calendars that DON’T require a login…? :wink:—%20use%20from%20phone%20and%20computers&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsejlvobA1gIVTrHtCh1vxwZREAAYAyAAEgJSJvD_BwE

Sorry, you’ll have to copy and paste - that rogue hyphen in the middle of the URL is causing a line break where it’s not needed. … _calendars

(Maybe that shorter one will work and you can navigate to the relevant page?)

Wow! I will try it immediately. Thank you! I didn’t really expect to get an answer. What a bonus!

Further updates: I set up a calendar in Keep-and-Share, which I love, actually, because there’s a year-view option, but it turns out that even if I am signed in, the login page appears in Scrivener, and persists, as Katherine predicted in her response. I am able to embed the HTML share link, which gives me a calendar–but not one that can be edited.

What started me on this journey was this blogpost about how to put a google calendar in scrivener ( … endar.html). Why was that blogger able to do what is technically not possible? Has the Google Calendar API changed since 2014 in a way that makes the post obsolete?

Thanks in advance to any smart folk who care to speculate.

Comments to the post you linked suggest that trying other browsers may help. – Katherine

Yes, but the above comment you made earlier makes me think that a difference browser might not cure my troubles, since the behavior you predict is exactly what happens to me. It is an old blog post. :slight_smile: In any event I’m not interested in using a different browser, so that’s out for me. Thanks for speculating. In the meantime, I have found a very nice calendar called Team Up, that’s free, and doesn’t require a login, and seems to work very well for my purposes.