Creating links


I have searched a lot in the manual, the instruction videos, etc., but I still can’t find out how to make proper links in my text (an ebook).

What I need is to make links that look like the ones you find on a webpage (i.e. select a few words and convert them into an active link)

Like this:
Here is a text about a guy who can’t find out to create links like this link here.

“this link here” being an active link to some specific URL

Does anyone know how to do that?

Thanks a lot,

Select the words/characters you want to be the link text, then go to Edit->Link… and enter the URL.

Edit: Some ebook readers may not take well to external links (very limited web browsing available).

If you’re talking about internal links (like the ones in a table of contents), then you want a Edit->Scrivener Link.

(Whoops, removed my irrelevant post because reread the original post and saw the important “ebook” part that I’d missed, sorry!)