Creating Multiple New Documents from One Imported Document

Greetings. Very new user here, so apologies for such a fundamental question. I have imported a quite long Word document. It is made up of approximately half-page blocks of text, each with it’s own heading - a bit like a journal. I want to seperate each block of text into it’s own document, and to maintain the order (i.e. top block of text in top document in the binder). Can someone tell me how to “top-slice” the imported document, all the way down, so that each block ends up in it’s own doc, preferably with it’s heading as the title. I have tried “Split at selection point”, and “Split at selection point with title”, but this appears to stack the docs in the binder the wrong way, and also adds the title to the remaining part of the main doc, rather than adding it to the new one. I thought of creating a stack of blank docs and cut and pasting each section, but I’m sure there must be a more elegant solution. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi SM15,
I am not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. I have brought an entire book into scrivener (well, not quite finished yet, but still) using “split at selection point” for individual sections. In fact, I have it down to individual paragraphs now for one chapter (and boy does that make a huge difference!). Could you describe your problem a bit more? When I do “Split … with title” Scrivener creates a new document that contains everything from that point on–all you need to do is go to the next section in that new document and do the same and so on all the way to the end. This process creates documents in the order you had them with the pieces of text you selected as titles.

I am experimenting with the “explode” function in Tinderbox to automate this process and if I knew more about Tinderbox, I am sure this would do the trick. The “explode” command in Tinderbox takes the text of a note and creates a new note at each recurrence of a particular character, e.g. a return, or a tab or whatever. So if all your entries start with, say an asterisk, you could tell Tinderbox to start a new note there. Once Tinderbox is done you could export the notes and bring them into Scrivener. Voila!


Hi Jeanne.
Many thanks for your reply. Sorry for the lack of clarity. Imagine a single page Word doc with 6 paragraphs. Starting from the top, I want to place each paragraph into it’s own document in the binder, in the correct order that they appear in the original doc. I’d like the first line of each (which is simply a heading), if possible, to form the title of that new doc. That’s it, really.

One problem that you have already alerted me to, is that I’ve been placing the cursor at the base of each section, and then invoking “Split…with title”, expecting it to take everything above this point into a new doc. However, you seem to be suggesting that it takes everything after the insertion point? Is that right? If so, does it take everything below, or can you limit it by highlighting a block of text only?

Hi SM15,
ok, so you need to do what I did. You go through your imported document from the top down, select the first title and press option-apple-K for “Split with Selection as Title”. This creates a new document that starts with your title. Then you scroll down to the next title and do the same thing. Now you should have 3 documents in your binder. You continue doing this until you have all the documents you want in your binder.

It’s really very quick and easy.

Hope this helps,

Yes, that looks like the solution I was after. Many thanks for your help.