Creating New files in Binder at Top Instead at Bottom

Here’s a minor annoyance I can’t seem to fix:

I use Scrivener for journaling and, each day, when I create a new text doc using the “Project > New Text” function the file is added at the bottom a long, long list of pages (almost 2000 days worth). I then have to scroll down to find the new file before I start writing. Is there any way to add the new file at the top instead of the bottom?

Also, the scriv file is now around 8MB. Is there some limit to how many files I can add? Should I create a new scriv file every so often – maybe annually?


Why not organise with folders and subfolders, in years and month?

I don’t think there’s a way to get them to pop to the top, but you can use View->Reveal In Binder to jump to where the active document in the editor is. You can get at that function by clicking on the icon in the editor’s header bar, right next to the document title, and you can also use the keyboard shortcut for the menu item.

But I would second the idea of grouping your entries by year. It’s easy to do; select the first entry for a given year, scroll down and SHIFT-click the last one of that year. Then use the menu Documents->Group. That will create a folder and move all the selected documents into it, and will give you the chance to type in the name of your new folder, all in one go.

Highlight the enclosing folder (‘Journal’) in the binder, but don’t create the new document yet. Instead, cmd-opt-down once so the first child is selected (or just click on it!), cmd-n to create and name the new file, then cmd-ctl-up to move it to the top of the list.


The commands worked great (if I can just remember them : )