Creating new pages under a template

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just my improper utilization of a feature.

I’m using the comic template and have a large number of pages which I created by just duping the starting page. When I decided to add another page I used the “New Text” button instead. This creates a new page but does not apply the template to it.

So any pages created with the “Duplicate” feature have the layout options in the status bar, but any pages created with “New Text” do not, so I will need to remove them and create new pages that incorporate the layout.

Should the “New Text” be inheriting the template design? This is my expectation, but I can see that this could be unnecessarily complicated if you have multiple pages layouts in a project and therefore necessitate the “Duplicate”.

If that were the case I’d like to be able to assign a specific page layout within the template as the default for the “New Text” button. :slight_smile: Carry on.

You’ll be getting something like this in the future. In fact, what you are seeing in the Comic template right now is that very feature (when you use the project template on a Mac), but since it isn’t developed yet, it just looks like ordinary files and folders. In the future you’ll have a third “New” option: “New from Template”. Items in a special document template folder will be included in this sub-menu as starting points. It’s like duplication, but you don’t have to find the original in the binder and then drag it up, you can just create it right where you want, like you can with Ctrl-N.

To answer your other question, yes that is how Ctrl-N or “New Text” is supposed to work. It is supposed to give you a pristine, empty document. If a project has templates, the first item in the template folder will be automatically assigned a keyboard shortcut, so you can just as easily create them as though it were Ctrl-N.

Yay. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. That will make my obsessive compulsive need to make dozens of pages in advance that much easier.