Creating PDF files using Draft

Hi everyone,

I use the draft feature to output pdf files and everything works really well. However, it seems that there is a slight problem with the ends of characters being effectively clipped. It’s most noticeable on lines where the last character is ‘f’.

Does anyone know where I might look to get this rectified?

Kind Regards

I’m using Adobe Garamond Pro, 12pt, if that helps at all.

When you say last character, do you mean at the end of a line, at the end of a page or where? Where is the clipping occurring? At page boundaries or do you mean something else?


Sorry to be so vague.
Keith, would it be ok to send you a pdf?

In instances where the character ‘f’ is the last character on the line of justified text, it looks clipped. The same thing happens with italic ‘t’.

It looks as if Scrivener is masking the text area when it creates the PDF. The top of the “f” extends outside the character bounding box (many do) and consequently gets cut off by the mask when it’s at the edge of the text area.