Creating Project Templates

I’ve not got around to creating my own Project Template(s) until now partly because I didn’t have any templates I wanted to create and partly because I wasn’t sure if that functionality was fully up and running in the Beta yet and didn’t want to waste my time. I’ve now got an idea for a template I’d like to create (partly out of necessity and partly as an experiment) and want to give it a go.

The reason I’m asking these questions beforehand rather than just diving in and having a go is that I’d really rather not spend a lot of time carefully setting up my template and then discover it was wasted effort.

1 – Is there any instruction for doing this in the Windows version? I guess I’ll start by following whatever instructions are in the Mac version manual (as the Windows manual isn’t available yet) but is there any difference for Windows and the level of functionality the Beta currently contains?

2 – Am I right in thinking I basically create a new empty project, fiddle with it until it’s in a state I want the template to be, then select ‘File/Save as template’?

3 – Will I be able to (easily) tweak it afterward? Do I just save it ‘over’ the previous version? If not, how?

4 – Will my Template(s) remain if/when I uninstall Scrivener and/or upgrade it?