Creation and edit dates of an individual document

I’ve been struggling to find the history of a certain document in a project.
I’d like to find out when it was created and when it last was edited - a kind of “info” tab for the doc.
Is there a command for this or is the information even attainable?


The creation and modification dates for each item are displayed in the general Metadata tab of the inspector (the one that looks like a dog tag). You can correct the creation date if it is wrong, by right-clicking on the date in the inspector and selecting “Change date” from the contextual menu.

As for finding items by their dates, refer to §11.1.3, Special Search Terms in the user manual PDF. You will find syntax for searching by modification and creation date, in a subheading there, with table 11.1 containing the syntax rules. For example the search term “cdate:>2017” will find everything you’ve created in the project since 2017-01-01. Without the “greater than” symbol, it will find only entries created within the 2017 calendar year.

Thanks Amber.
One really should spend a couple of days getting acquainted with the tool one uses almost every single day for the last 5-6 years.
Shame on me for not…