Creative Cloud Adobe fonts

Hello. Is there a way to use my Creative cloud fonts in Scrivener (iOS)? I can’t find a way to add them in and feel superstitious about using my beloved Sabon! :slight_smile:

Try exporting (“open in”) the font files directly into Scrivener from your Creative Cloud drive. It works for Dropbox but as I don’t have Creative Cloud I can’t speak to it directly. A more roundabout approach is to open Apple’s Files app, connecting it to Creative Cloud, then attempting to do the same from the Files app. If all else fails, try copying the font files from your CC drive to a folder on your iCloud drive (again in Files app), then using “open in” from the iCloud drive to Scrivener.

If you by chance have Scrivener Dropbox Sync set up (although I don’t know why you would if you’re only using Scrivener on one iOS device :smiley:) then you can add a “Fonts” folder inside your Dropbox sync folder, and copy your Adobe fonts files to that. Scrivener will import them automatically from there when it does its usual sync.

BTW, I feel the same way about Victor Mono as you do about Sabon. :wink: