Criminal, just plain criminal...

It’s just criminal, criminal, that Scrivener has been for so long been kept from us Windows folk! Had we known I suspect we would have stormed the bastions of LAL long ago and torn the software from the beating heart of developer’s Macs.

However, be that as it may, it being Christmas and all, and seeing that LAL has finally seen fit to grace us with Scrivener, I’ll let bygones be bygones while I work with the beta and drool all over my Christmas shirt in anticipation of the final release of Scrivener for Windows.

Damn, but it’s wonderful stuff! (The software, not the drool.)


I know, right? No longer do we have to look longingly at the mac users and their nice software…

It’s wonderful!

Wait 'til you get a load of 2.0!

On the contrary, as a Mac user I think that it is criminal to give Windows user such powerful weapons! I know they will use them against the weaks! :slight_smile:


Errr…[size=150]what?[/size] :open_mouth: Troops, we’re under attack! Raise the drawbridge, prepare the fireballs, 'n all that! :imp: Release the kraken to the moat! Lola, that’s no way to hold a cauldron of burning pitch!

Oh. It’s Christmas. Hold off the pitch.

Just get the umbrellas, and pray that they hold! :neutral_face:

Love that! Just love it!