Cropping the synopsis photo on the cork board

Is there a way to specify which part of a photo to display in the cork board view? I’m attempting to cast actors for my next novel’s characters, and depending on the aspect ratio and how close their head is to the top of the photo, sometimes all I see of them on the cork board is chin + torso.

If not, would it be possible to implement a re-sizable mask that is the shape of the cork board photo, so we can choose which part of our pictures are displayed?

Eek, that would be a biggie! I’m afraid there’s no way to do this at the moment - the corkboard just tries to show the whole photo - and, as I say, having a resizable mask is not trivial. A nice idea for version 3.0 though!

Thanks and all the best,

Darn, sorry to hear that its such a big job.

Just to inspire future Keith, what I’m thinking about is just a square than you can position over the photo that determines which parts of the photo is shown when the picture isn’t square (or more ambitiously, what part to zoom in on). Maybe instead of that, in the corkboard view, the picture could be dragged around inside of it’s frame, exposing different parts of the photo.

Headless John Lithgow (Playing the part of Harold Weisz) is looking forward to 3.0. :mrgreen:

Heh, yes, I know exactly what you mean: a big job. :slight_smile: