Cross platform collaboration with Mac co-author and Windows co-author

My partner and I are co-writing a script. One uses a Mac and the other a Windows computer.
We are on opposite coasts and worry about problems when we are both editing at the same time on different parts of the Scrivener file.

If you both change the same Scrivener project, even in the same room… yes, that worry is fully justified.

Scrivener is not designed for multiple writers to work on a project at the same time. You’ll need to develop a process for coordinating access.

For example, if you each will be working on different documents, then one of you (A) can work in the master version of the project, while the other (B) works in a copy of the project. When (B) is done making their changes in the copy, one of you can integrate the changed docs into the master version.

That’s just one idea. Search the forum for “collaboration” for other ideas. This topic has been discussed many times (here for example).


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