Crossplatform Font Woes

I’ve seen other threads about this, but not found the solution so far, so I’ll start from scratch.

I first bought Scrivener for Windows back in 2013, and have been delighted with it, so a few months ago I bought Scrivener on IOS for my iPad so I could carry on with my work ‘on the go’. It’s been brilliant. Being able to access my projects and work wherever I’m connected has been superb.

I love the look and layout of the IOS version, and especially enjoy the Palatino font which for some reason, just works for me when I’m writing. And you know us writers, creatures of habit.

I’d changed the fonts on my Windows version to Times New Roman as it seemed the closest (for some reason the Palatino on Windows has a weird gap between the captial letter and the next lower case letter - but I digress, that’s not your fault!), and for ages, the Windows one was Times New Roman, and IOS was Palatino.

All good. No problems. Nothing changed between syncs, and everything was fine.

Then I had a sync issue - the first I’ve ever had - my computer was open, and I accidentally opened Scrivener on IOS at the same time… oof… and for a while both machines were complaining of sync problems.

I think that’s sorted as it isn’t nagging at me anymore, and I don’t think I lost anything, but to be honest, it’s a collection of over 20 short stories so it’s difficult to keep track.

Since that fateful day, the fonts are all over the place.

After the sync issue, the font in IOS had changed to Courier. So I went through every file, changing it back to my preferred choice - Palatino. But if I use Windows Scrivener in the meantime, it changes everything back to Courier on IOS.

But - and this is where it’s confusing…

Last night I changed every file on my windows Scrivener to Palatino. Everything saved fine, synced, closed down the machine. I was hoping, if they were both the same font (even with the strange spacing on Windows) it might solve the issue.

Later, I opened Scrivener on the iPad and all those files had changed to Courier - frustrating. So I manually changed them all to Palatino.

This morning, I open my project on Wondows, and they’re all now in Arial!!

This is driving me a bit crackers to be honest. I would love to have my projects in Palatino across the two and not keep randomly chopping and changing - even after I’ve manually changed everything myself.

I realise that this is likely something I’ve done wrong when I accidentally screwed up my syncing, but I am desperate for everything to be consistent looks-wise in my projects so I can get on with writing.

Your help would be very much appreciated!

Yours in gratitude…