Hi Everyone

This isn’t a major bug as such, more a useability issue. Last night, having imported my project I was trying to find something burrowed in the text and thought that the easiest way would be to type CTRL + F to find a word or sentence that I remembered I had written in the segment of text that I was looking for.

The dialogue box came up asking me to type the word/s that I wished to locate, to click “next” to get to the next example of that word/s being used etc. But when I did this nothing appeared to happen. At first I thought that the feature wasn’t work, but when I closed the dialogue box I found an example of the word I was looking for highlighted in the text.

What I guess is happening is that the feature is working but that when the dialogue box is open the highlighting is too faint to see.

As I say, this isn’t a major bug as far as bugs are concerned and I am sure that there there are other things that should be prioritised before this, but I thought it worth mentioning.

P.S. just want to say how much I am enjoying using the Beta and personally I have been pleasently surprised by how few bugs that I have encountered. The biggest issue I have found so far is how the programme doesn’t seem to flow smoothly but that is to be expected with a Beta. Lee, you’ve done great work, congratulations!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I must say, I’m overwhelmed by the response and sheer numbers of responses. I have logged this as a bug - I’m going to highlight the text in red as per the Mac platform so it’s obvious.

I would be interested in hearing which parts of the program don’t seem to flow smoothly as we might be able to fix that too.



Hi Lee

Yes, sorry, I will post the issues I refer to when I say that the “Beta doesn’t flow smoothly” as I come across them.