ctrl+i (2.0)

Is not working to turn italics off.

ctrl+i will turn italics on, but to get the formatting off, I have to select a sentence/word and hit ctrl+i again.

Unless I am misunderstanding you, this is how it is designed to work. The formatting tools, when used without a selection, work in a “streaming” fashion. In other words they impact how things will be printed as you type, and then altering the settings further impact the future things you type from that point forward. They do not automatically go back and change formatting that already exists—to do that you need to select text and change it.

For example, if you hit Ctrl-I in the two spots below marked by a bright bullet point, here is the result:

This is a •test of h•ow the italic tool works as you type.

So at the second bullet position, all you are doing is setting text from that point on back to regular, so when you type in the ‘o’, it is not italicised. It does nothing about the “test of h” text looks unless you select it first.

Sorry if I completely misunderstood though. If you mean that when you tap Ctrl-I at the second bullet, you keep getting italic text, that sounds like a bug of some sort. I can’t reproduce it though.