CTRl+Shift+A in middle line of 3 annotations

Suppose I type three lines of annotations:

(Line 1)
(Line 2)
(Line 3)

Then I want to turn the middle one back to normal text. If I place the cursor inside the middle line and hit CTRL+SHIFT+A, then the whole block of annotations reverts to normal text:

Line 1
Lin|e 2
Line 3

What I would expect is: either the line to revert; or to be able to type regular text in the middle of the annotation.

Better yet, I want to be able to go to the end of a line of annotation and hit CTRL+ENTER to start a new line of regular text. This would enable me to block out scenes using annotations.

Actually what should happen is nothing; your second expectation. Ctrl-Shift-A should work like Bold does. If you have three bold lines and put your cursor in the middle of the second, Ctrl-B doesn’t change anything except for what will happen when you start typing. So you would get normal text in the middle of an annotation. To work around this, enter a dummy character, select it, and use Ctrl-Shift-A to insert normal text in the middle of a note.

But to answer the main query—this is actually one annotation, not three. This is a display problem that makes it look and act a bit like three. So feel free to use it to block out scenes. The whole range you select is a single note. I think there were problems in getting the implementation sorted out for this round; consequently it works better for shorter notes, but ultimately that should change and improve in time.

However, I would advise (unless you are putting lots of scenes into one file), just switching off that scene’s compilabilty in the Inspector. Remove the check from “Include in Compile”. This gives you the advantage of being able to see at a bird’s eye view which scenes are included, using the Outliner with that column added.