CTRL+SHIFT+D brings up Scratchpad (1.2.1)

When I press Ctrl+Shift+D, it brings up the Scratchpad instead of “duplicating without subdocuments,” as per the manual. The documented Scratchpad shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+/, also brings up the Scratchpad. However, Ctrl+Shift+/ will also toggle the Scratchpad off, while Ctrl+Shift+D seem to toggle it on but not off. This is in 1.2.1 for Windows.

EDIT: I forgot to add, the current release of Scrivener is 1.2.3, which you can download from here. (The “Check for Updates” functionality was accidentally broken in 1.2.1 so you may not have gotten notification of the update; it’s been fixed since.) Go ahead and update to that before messing with the rest of this.

Thanks for the report. There’s definitely something odd going on with the conflict here, as on one machine I get this bug with the Ctrl-Shift-D shortcut as you’re seeing and on another I get it with the Ctrl-D shortcut. Which version of Windows are you running?

You can get around this for the meanwhile by going into the Keyboard pane of Tools > Options… and assigning the Duplicate command a different shortcut.

I notice also that you’ve still got the Ctrl-Shift-/ shortcut, which was removed in the 1.2.1 update in favor of Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P (which is admittedly more complicated but allows for the Scratch Pad to be called up from any application, so long as Scrivener is running in the background, which wasn’t possible with the / character). Were you using the recent betas at all? This seems most likely a gremlin from that. Try going into the Keyboard pane of Tools > Options… and choosing Import > Scrivener to reset them all to the (new) defaults. That might work, but if not, we can reset them using the registry editor. This is more complicated, so definitely try the Options method first. To clean them up via the registry:

  1. Make sure Scrivener is closed.

  2. Type “RegEdit” in the Windows start bar search field and hit Enter to run regedit.exe. (If you’re on XP, you’ll need to click “Run” from the start menu, then type in the text field that opens.)

  3. This should open the “Registry Editor”. In the tree view in the left panel, navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Scrivener\Scrivener\Options\Shortcut”.

  4. Right-click on the “Shortcut” item and choose “Delete”. Be careful to only delete this Shortcut key.

  5. Close the Registry Editor.

When you restart Scrivener, you should have the shortcuts corrected. This isn’t likely to fix the conflict issue with the Scratch Pad and the Duplicate commands (though it may, and please let me know if it does change something–I’ve done the reset myself and it didn’t change that, but it’d be good to know if you got a different result), but it should clear up any other beta-stickiness that may be still in there.

Further update: The conflicted shortcut seems to come and go a bit–I’ve had it rear its head on three different set ups, but it’s vanished on one and I haven’t yet figured out what brilliant thing I did to fix it. Meanwhile the Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P shortcut is flickering in and out as is its toggle ability. If I work out the steps for triggering this reliably and correcting it I’ll pop a message here, but please do report if you come across anything further with this while working. Thanks!

Thanks for the detailed reply.

I’ve upgraded to 1.2.3. I reset the shortcuts using the Options method. This updated the Scratchpad shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P. (I was using a beta but I thought I’d uninstalled it before installing the full version…could be mistaken.) After I restarted Scrivener (but not before!) the Ctrl+Shift+D shortcut for duplicate without children is now working. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P brings up the Scratchpad but will not toggle it off again. I’m using Win 7 x64.

I’ll update you if anything changes!