Typing Ctrl + SHIFT + M does not activate a pop up menu.

Going to Format -> Screenwriting -> Show Script Elements Menu shows that the option is black (activated), but clicking on it does nothing.

I’m going to guess that this is a problem that:
‘Ctrl + SHIFT + M’ should be ‘grayed out’ until ‘Format>Script Mode>Script Mode - Screenplay’ or ‘Ctrl + M’ has been selected (i.e. you can’t display Script Elements until your in “Script Mode - Screenplay”)

Yup, that is precisely the problem. Documents are one way or another. They are either standard files or script mode files. You can tell which by the icon. A script file will have a yellowish hue to it in the binder. To use any of the scriptwriting features, you’ll need to be in a document that is set to scriptwriting mode.

As an FYI it’s hard to tell (on my monitor / screen settings) the ‘yellowish hue’ when the document is selected in the binder. If I select another document, I can see the yellow hue better. I’m not sure if that is a ‘bug’ or a ‘feature’.

Feel free to remove this reply, or split it off since it’s not directly related to ‘CTRL + SHIFT + M’ off-topic.

Good point, it is all but invisible when selected for me too; but another indicator is three-hole punches along the left side of the page. So even if the hue shift is hard to discern on your monitor set-up or selection bar, you should be able to see the three dots on the side.

Maybe, although I’m running a ‘relatively high’ resolution (1600x1200)… so they tend to get ‘lost’ in the ‘example writing’ aspect of the icon:

All right, just for the record I’m running at 2,560 pixels by 1,440 and the holes seem okay to me, even in your screenshot. There are multiple indicators going on here. When something is not selected the yellow hue is more obvious. When it is selected, yes it is a little diminished, I would agree, but there are the dots—and the footer bar is completely different. No word/char count—but element tips and menus.