CTRL+SHIFT to remove formatting from selected text

This is fairly standard, and much better than having to fiddle.

I apologize for being dense, but what exactly are you trying to do and what do you expect to happen by hitting Ctrl+Shift? That’s actually the standard Windows shortcut for switching keyboard layouts, so I think I’m missing something. If you’re just trying to paste text without formatting, Ctrl+Shift+V will do this.

Sorry. I’m being even denser.
I meant…


I shall now go and bang my head on the desk.

Yes, another vote for this, as you intended, and headbanging not required.

It’s a very handy thing to have, to be able to quickly remove all formatting from what you’ve pasted in, or messed with too much, and end up with a text at the standard size, embellishment, and ruler.

Control-space is what does this in Word and I think other editors.

I could swear it had been in Scrivener, but noticed it seemed missing lately, and I don’t find a formatting command to bind it to the keys, so maybe it wasn’t. Right now, control-Space seems to be defaulted to converting multiple spaces to single ones.

A feature request, then, and suspecting it should not be hard.

Here’s a workaround that will clear the character formatting, though not the ruler: Ctrl-A or otherwise select what you want to clean up, then Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Shift-V.

Ctrl-Shift-V is Paste and Match Style, which would think should do the ruler too, but not at this time.