Ctrl + space (double space automatic removal)

Hi :slight_smile: (Windows version user here.)
Since Scrivener has a function/shortcut to fix accidental double-spaces, perhaps it’d be nice to have that function also take care of accidental/leftover spaces if immediately followed by “return”, a line break, a period or a comma. (?)
→ I left out ? ! ; and : because in those cases the space is required in french.

(P.S. If there is a way to remove those automatically, I’d really like to know… – beside using project replace, that is.)

Not quite what you asked for, but you could have this done for you at Compile time — as a simple series of replacements either baked into the compile format itself (see the Replacement area of the compile format settings) or as ad hoc replacements (using the Replacement tab in the Compile dialog box.

Due caution is warranted about what replacements you actually want to sign on for. For example, whitespace before a period has a function; you see it in block quotations marking where a portion of the text has been omitted; rather than use the ellipsis character of the typeface, these are typically ellipses constructed of periods with intervening whitespace.


Yes, its actually how I’m doing it at the moment (this or through project replace), but given the fact that the compile replacement aren’t saved within the compiling formats, I find it not quite practical.
Would be much better in my opinion if it could be integrated within (or like) the already-existing double-space function.

Compile formats themselves have replacement settings you can set — and, of course, these do stick with the compile format. You need to edit the compile format itself to access that settings area.

Interesting :slight_smile: Go figure how I managed to miss that. :thinking: