Cumulative log?

It would be nice to have a cumulative log feature for every project – whenever the word count gets reset for whatever reason, the log would record the current day’s word count and the overall word count of the project, with a time-stamp to show when the counts were recorded. It surprises me that this feature doesn’t already exist…but maybe it does, and I just can’t find it.
—Jim Gardner

(Moderator note: moved to wish list.)

I think this thread best addresses this feature request.

Actually, that other thread doesn’t apply. No intelligence is required to make a log entry whenever there’s a Reset (either explicit or implicit). The Reset process just has to record the current date and time as well as the current session word count and the overall word count; once the log entry has been created, then Reset can go ahead and zero the session count. Surely this only requires a few lines of code.

Under normal circumstances, this will mean making a single log entry when the user ends a session. If a user explicitly resets the word count for some reason, that’s likely worth recording too.

Oh, I see, you just basically want a chart (graphical or textual) of raw output over time? That idea has come up before as well and Keith hasn’t felt it fits into the intended simplicity of the tool. We’ve always just recommend you use a spreadsheet to track output over time.