Curious if anyone here uses Scrivener for AVN?

I haven’t seen too many AVN people using Scrivener and personally I don’t know why. It is the perfect thing to develop and AVN.

Just figured I’d ask on the forum to make sure. I just signed up to the forum so I’ll be looking around for now. But doesn’t look like the forum is too busy often.

Looking up AVN, I find a lot about a hip disease. I don’t think Scrivener can help with that…


A joint venture would be required :upside_down_face:

Adult Video Network?

I know I am late to the party, but it took me far too long with Google to find out what it meant, just to discard it.

Some search term leads you to some edgy Subreddits. Which was already quite a hint, but no one has written AVN out.

It stands for “Adult Visual Novel.”

Interactive story-based games that primarily focus on narrative over gameplay mechanics, often featuring anime-style artwork.