Curious sync issue

What is the likely cause of this result: A single page edited in a binder in IOS results in the same page showing up on Mac OS as a standalone page separated from the rest of the binder.

I have separate folders in Dropbox for document backups and for documents being edited.

There are no pages in either version of Scrivener and no document can exist outside the binder. So you are misunderstanding something or not explaining it correctly.

It is a binder consisting of one page, The one page having been edited from a binder consisting of many pages in IOS, but opening in Mac OS as a binder of one page.

It bears the same document name and it looks the same when peering inside dropbox to see what’s what. But nevertheless on Mac OS, the document remains as a binder of one page. Switching back to IOS, the document opens with all pages present.

My temporary fix was to restore the document from those I had option-copied to the Mac desktop in reserve, but that’s not a practice I wish to continue.

Since my inaugural post, I find it might have something to do with quitting IOS version with the document open, rather than just closing the document while Scrivener remains running.

Yes, that would do it, if you didn’t allow Scrivener to sync to DropBox before you quit editing. Always make sure, when you are finished working on an iOS Scrivener document, that you go back to the Scrivener project screen and sync your changes.

It will make things easier for everyone if you use proper Scrivener names for things. It is the Project you close in iOS to get to the Projects screen where you can sync the project. If you don’t do that the version on your iDevice will not be uploaded to the Dropbox server and the Dropbox app on your Mac can’t download to your Mac.
What you see in the Binder is Documents, not pages.

How do I get the MacOS version to display what I am seeing in the IOS version?

I learned that I can upload a screenshot of what I’m seeing.

What I’m seeing is a document containing one page in the binder area, which was the one item I had edited on IOS. All other documents in the binder are not there, but they remain visible on the IOS version of my project. The file name remains the same, but I can no longer see the contents of my entire project on the Mac and continue editing.

What you’re seeing there is a Sync Collection. To close it then see the Binder, click the x:
Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 10.19.51 AM.png

There’s a preference to whether you see that collection or not when you return to your Mac after syncing from iOS, here:
Scrivener Preferences > Sharing > tick or untick box––Automatically show the “Synced Documents” collection after a sync

Thank you for immediately settling what I thought would be continually vexing and arduous.

Above all, it’s a feature, not a bug!