curly quotes face the wrong way

In dialogue, it is common to end a spoken line that is interrupted by typing an em dash. It is also damned common to place an ending quote mark directly after the em dash.

Yet every time I do this, the curly quote mark is facing forward rather than backward. Not at all what we had in mind.

I have to type a letter, then the quote mark, then remove the letter.

(this is American English, so double quote marks are used)

This seems like a problem that should be, and could be fixed. Certainly annoying that the app thinks it’s smarter than it actually is.

Smart quotes are a system-level setting—down to Apple, not Scrivener. You can type the curly quote you need:

Single left

Single right and apostrophe

Double left

Double right

Thanks. ‘Shift > Option [’ is easier than having to type a letter and then go back and remove it.

Whether it is Apple or Scrivener in control of this (and I imagined all along it was Apple), doesn’t it seem odd that they would do it this way? I can’t imagine ever using an em dash followed directly by a right-facing quote mark. That makes very little syntactical sense. Any right-facing quote mark is always preceded by a space.

Well, you might occasionally have dialogue introduced (or interrupted by) em dashes; I’ve seen that in books, albeit perhaps older ones. But if you never need an em dash followed by an open double quote, or would need it so infrequently that you’d rather just deal with correcting it in editing after compile, you can set up a replacement in compile so that all instances of —“ are replaced with —” in the output document.