Download the current beta version 1.4 here:

Woot. Works like a charm. Thanks! Did you tweak font rendering or something? Looks noticeably different.

An appealing release, but I’m getting no spell checking at all, neither Live nor Recheck. “Check spelling as you type” is indeed checked, and beta 1.3 was uninstalled before the new install.


Hmmm. I just activated my spell checker, and it seems ok.

It learned “WOOT!”

64 bit win7


Try installing again - don’t uninstall anything. See if that fixes the spelling issue - it should just work?


I’m getting no spellcheck as well. I tried reinstalling, but it’s still not working.

Windows Vista

Same problem here. My spellchecker randomly decided to quit on me one day after scrivener crashed in 1.3 (an RTF issue caused the crash) and ever since, nothing I do seems to help it out.

Windows 7 32 here

As others have reported, reinstalling has no effect. Running “Show Spelling” brings up a blank spelling window.


Okay, so I downloaded it to my desktop and the spellcheck is working fine on it. It is a Dell inspiron 530 running vista home basic.

Thanks for the new beta, Lee.

Regarding the speller, I confirm that it is not working for me. I uninstalled the previous version and installed the new one. Sorry.

Windows Vista 32 bit.

Perhaps I have done something wrong, but this appears to have some of the same bugs as 1.3. When I opened my v1.3 existing project, all of the paragraphs were not indented. When I compiled to rtf (with a title page), I still get the thousands of pages of text.

Has anyone else seen this or is it just me?

Can confirm loss of spellcheck. Am working to find work-a-round. Will update if found.

My spell check appears to be OK.

I installed 1.4 over the top of my 1.3 install on WIndows XP 64 bit. Everything seems fine so far.

Hey guys, so I was able to get my spell check back by doing a complete uninstall. In this case I mean not only running the regular uninstall but also going into my Control Panel -> Programs & Features and making sure that Scrivener was gone from that list (which it wasn’t). After doing this I also went into my C:/Program Files and found my Scrivener folder. This contains back up data, but as I didn’t need any back up data because I had already backed up everything before doing any of this, I deleted it.

Once everything was completely gone, I was able to install completely clean and my spell check is back.

For what it’s worth, I uninstalled first (by running the uninstall program in the Scriv 1.3 file) and then installed 1.4. Spellcheck works for me.

This method didn’t work for me. I still can’t get spellcheck to work on my laptop, but it worked perfect the first time I installed on my desktop.


I followed Mightygitis suggestion (thank you!) and it worked for me. The English speller is back! It seems that the uninstaller for 1.3 didn’t uninstall very well. Anyway, just make sure you follow all the venues to get rid of the previous version of Scrivener as stated by Mightygitis.



Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit

For what its worth: I installed over the top of 1.3 like brightthings rather than uninstalling, and the speller works.


I tried again and it worked! I’m not sure what I missed the first time, but I am sure it was my fault. Thanks Mightygitis! :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, this is the first bug I’ve come across since the first beta version. You guys are doing great!

No problem! Glad we’re getting everybody set up and rolling with the new Beta.