Current Windows Software -- -- unable to open Mac project in DropBox. Pilot Error seems unlikely

I am just ramping up using Scrivener, and need to access multiple projects on multiple platforms for this to work.

I went to open a Mac-created file on Windows 7 computer and received the attached message telling me that I needed to update Scrivener on Windows. When I go into Scrivener and ask it to update, it tells me it is the most current version.

It is possible that I am a) doing this incorrectly, or b) there is some problem with DropBox but both seem unlikely. Assitance appreciated.

Tom Walker
2017-12-07 1009 Scrivener message.JPG

The obvious question to get out of the way is — what version of Mac Scrivener was used to create the project?

If it’s Version 3, then the Windows version won’t open it yet.

(The Mac V2 won’t open V3 files either.)

Then how we can write and sync projects on both Windows and Mac? Not the beta version…

Use Mac Scrivener 2.9, which can be downloaded here:


Without converting back and forth between Version 2 and Version 3 files, you can’t.

The developers explicitly state this. There are methods provided to convert the project file each time, but if this is something you need to do, you may find it easier to keep the old version around just for that purpose. This is the relevant section from the manual: