Cursor being funny

I have Windows XP Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3. Intel Celeron M Processor 1.30 Ghz, 992 MB of RAM.
This is all copied from my computer, I don’t know what bits are needed.

When I hover my cursor over text, it doesn’t change into the little line thingy that looks like an uppercase I that it does on here and every other writing software. It stays as the little triangle even when I click on text.

I don’t know if Scriv is supposed to be like this or not, but it doesn’t seem right.

There’s logged a bug with the cursor appearance that comes into play after you select text with a link: the cursor changes to a hand at that point and even when you’re hovering over other text after that, it remains a hand until you select text without a link, at which point it changes to the arrow and remains an arrow. You might be able to get it back to a normal caret by switching into full screen and back or by opening a different type of document in the editor–PDF or image–but otherwise you may need to close and reopen the project to return to the regular cursor behavior. Other than being annoying, it’s not disruptive to the project itself, so if it doesn’t irk you too much you can just carry on with the arrow until you’re finished working and close the project.