Cursor Customization


I’ve been using Scrivener for more than a month and one things always seems to present trouble for me - the cursor. While this isn’t really a program issue, I do believe that the program can easily be adjusted to remedy the problem.

The problem: I frequently lose track of the cursor placement as my eyes move from the screen to the edited text on my desk.

The suggested solution: The ability to make the cursor thicker, taller, or a different color other than black and white could really be helpful. The change doesn’t have to be anything fancy (no animated dinosaur or moving butterfly) just something basic that allows the eye to pick up where it left off.

If there is already a way to make this adjustment please let me know. Otherwise, thanks for your product and your consideration.

You can change it system wide, if that suit you (it’s easy to change back).

System Preferences > Universal Access > Cursor Size


On Windows go to:
Options (Press F12)
Then open the Editor pane
Tick the “Use Block Insertion Point” and click on “OK”.

Thank you both. I’ll try these things. Although this is nothing major it would reduce time searching for where I was.