Cursor just gone [BUG LOGGED]

I don’t know when I first noticed this, but since last night I have - the cursor seems to have just disappeared from the text display window. I can type just fine, and the text appears, but it’s difficult and discomforting not to be able to see where my next block of text will appear.

I looked through the forums & didn’t see this bug posted.

I’m having this problem too - On the start of this morning’s session for nano. (I can see the mouse pointer)

Talk about writing blind (in more ways than one!)

Yeah, me too!

Anyone figured this one out?

Have you changed any of the default preferences? Same thing happened to me when I changed the default font. I changed it back, and my cursor came back. (in options, hit defaults, apply, then OK.)

Got this bug as well. Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600, 2.40GHz. Windows XP, Norwegian version, up to date with service packs and patches.

I used Bitstream Vera Sans 10 pt as standard (not that it always appeared as the first choice though.) I made this choice the first day, and the problem arose on the tenth day, although only five of those days saw massive use. Reboot did not fix the problem, and once it began, it appeared in all texts in all projects.

As described by the above poster, the cursor returned after choosing Edit - Options - Editor - Default. Immediately loading the Bitstream saved font setting with the Manage button did not immediately make the cursor disappear again, so this is a useful workaround. Big thanks to garpu for that tip!

I have seen this posted much earlier on, the person then had turned off an Option under the Auto-Correct involving the capitalization of the lowercase “i”. I myself have not been able to reproduce this, so I am not 100% sure if that is what causes this glitch. I am fairly sure that it was logged along with the glitch that makes the cursor so large it take up the whole line.

Still present within 1.3 beta.

The glitch was the block insertion option.

On a Win7 laptop with 1.3 I lost the cursor today. It came back when in Options I unchecked
Capitalize “i” and
Fix capitalization of sentences.

[Am lovin this program, bugs and all!]


Just a quick observation, I’ve been having the same problem, but only since beta 1.3. The cursor suddenly disappears, but I can’t pin point the exact cause. In my case I can’t edit or add text, although I can highlight it.

However it can be restored by going into Edit > Options>Editor and resetting to Default.

So it would appear it is something in the Editor which is being selected either intentionally or otherwise, which wiping the cursor out.

Sorry, forgot to add using Windows XP sp3.

I’m not too sure what the default conditions are, having changed a few.
But I pressed default in edit>options>editor and I now have my cursor back.
No other changes have occurred, i.e. I still have Verdana 8pt as my font.

{Vista 32 on laptop
Win7 64 on PC}

Mine disappeared last night. This morning I checked this forum and then checked my options. When I checked “Use block insertion point” on the Editor tab, my cursor came back.

But, here’s the weird part. While typing this, I went back to the Options page to see what the checkbox was called, and it was UNCHECKED. The cursor was still there, but every time I check the box, when I go back, it’s unchecked again. So, apparently the state of this option is not being stored or read properly?

Beta 1.3 on Vista.

I can confirm that unchecking the ‘Fix capitalization’ and ‘capitalise boxes’ and clicking ok fixes this problem. The cursor still remains after I reselect them and press ok.

Beta 1.3
Vista Home Premium SP2

When I tried to uncheck “fix capitalization”, my cursor didn’t disappear–it got HUGE. It took up a whole line of text. But when I went back to default settings in the editor, the cursor returned to normal.

I finally got my cursor back :slight_smile: None of the suggestions for changes in Edit>Options>Editor made any difference the first time I tried them. I had installed 1.3 as an upgrade. So I uninstalled it. Ran ccleaner to clean up my registry and any lingering temp files. Reinstalled Beta 1.3 as a fresh install. That corrected the problem I was having with the program crashing when I inserted my cursor in to the middle of a line of text (reported earlier as a separate bug). I still did not have a visible cursor at that point. Working with a new blank project open, I went back into Edit>Options>Editor and checked the “block insertion” option and clicked “apply.” Like magic, my cursor reappeared!!! I opened up my active novel project and all seems well.

Yesterday I got a new laptop with 64 bit Windows 7 Home premium, and today the cursor disappeared when I changed the ruler setting from showing inches to showing centimetres. I haven’t been able to get it back.

I’ve unchecked basically everything, and rechecked everything again.
I’ve restarted Scrivener several times.
I’ve tried reloading the project from the start screen.

My cursor is still missing.I can select stuff, and write, but I just can’t see the cursor. :slight_smile:

Nope, cursor still gone. AND if I try to set/unset the block cursor option it permanent sets it to be about 50% of the page width - a big black rectangle blinking in my text, hiding most of the line.

Setting/clearing the “fix ‘I’” issue and "fix capitalization of sentences didn’t do any thing

WinXP SP3 / Scrivner 1.3

I can also confirm that the fix noted by StaceyUK above (check/uncheck ‘fix capitalization’ and ‘capitalise boxes’) worked for me (XP machine). I got the cursor as black line and to fix tried reinstalling, playing with default settings, and checking/unchecking the ‘block’ setting but nothing worked.

I have Scrivner installed on my Desktop (home) w/ Windows XP SP3 and my laptop (travel) w/ Windows 7. Never had a problem with the cursor on the Windows 7 laptop.

Just wanted to update this situation.

Am anxiously looking at the calendar as Dec 12 approaches…