cursor movements with keyboard commands

As a former xywrite user, I once enjoyed the ability to move the curor left or right by one character, word, or paragraph, or to highlight one character, word, or paragraph, for editing purposes. Can these tasks which are typically done with a mouse nowadays be done within the Scrivener word processor? If so, how does one modify the keyboard file to accomplish these tasks?

Try holding the shift key down while using the arrow keys to select characters or lines of text. Hold both CTRL and SHIFT while using the arrow keys to select entire words (left & right) or paragraphs (up and down). Just use SHIFT + arrow keys to move the cursor without selecting.

This works in most applications, including the web browser where I’m typing this. It’s not perfect though. I can’t CTRL-up arrow and end up at “Try” above; it only seems to jump to the previous paragraph if there’s another paragraph above that one.

Also Home/End will go to the beginning and end of the current line (vs. the beginning/end of the paragraph).

Ctrl+Home/End will go to the beginning or end of the document, so if you’re selecting the top or bottom paragraph you can use that when Ctrl+Up/Down doesn’t do it.

Thanks for the suggestions!
Since I likely won’t be able to reproduce the really nice control of cursor movement via keyboard that I enjoyed in xywrite, I will likely do most of my writing in a word processor based on xywrite that I purchased today.

Scrivener is my organizing tool, however, and with a 48" 4K TV as monitor, the cork board has gained incredible functionality. I’ll take whatever I can get in Scrivener for keyboard cursor movement and for word or paragraph highlighting.