Cursor placement and QuickZoom

5-Act Story Board copy.jpg
In the screenshot above, I’ve set up 5 shapes, one each for an Act in a five-act story structure*. I brainstorm off to the right, and then drag useful ideas onto the appropriate act shape, or from one act to another. I keep the screen zoomed in so that one shape will fit comfortably on my screen, and use the z key to zoom out and jump to other parts of my board.

The trouble I’m having is that the mouse cursor position in the quickzoom view doesn’t consistently predict where the center, edge or corner will be when I release the z key. For instance, if I position my cursor on the upper left corner of the Act 1 shape, then that shape pretty much fits onto my screen. But for the Act 5 shape, when I release the z key with the mouse cursor on it’s upper left corner, that corner and the surrounding shapes are the center of my screen (not really the center, but certainly not how things worked with Act 1).

My proposition is to change how the cursor’s placement affects the zoom. Either the area that the mouse cursor is in when you release the z key should become the center of the screen, or that point should become the upper left hand corner of the zoomed view of that part of the board.

If you need my board to see this behavior, let me know, and I’ll attach it or email it to you.

  • If you can’t see them clearly, the arrangement is Act 1 in the upper left, Acts 2 & 3 below it, then Act 4 in the upper right, and Act 5 in the lower right area.

It will only be able to centre if there is enough room at the left and right edges, but I think the current behaviour is fine.

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